The coronavirus has forced us to rethink the way we work and SMHS smart robotic solutions are helping businesses to conduct operations as usual, with the added layer of maintaining safety and minimizing the spread of infection.

Dynamo, a trained Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) that runs on natural navigation and is equipped to protect employees, equipment and minimize vulnerabilities.

SMHS is the proud advance partner of Addverb Technologies, under the make in India initiative has built technological solutions like Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) for telethermography and fumigation, UV disinfection and intra-logistics. SMHS is committed to implement this technology of care and support communities win this battle against covid19.

New roles for robots

Robots are playing an integral role in efforts to keep essential workers safe and are transforming businesses in their efforts against Coronavirus across industries.


Maintaining efficacy of your healthcare staff & create distance between them & infected patients

Let AMR become one of the first lines of defense & help remote quarantine facilities, isolated wards with contactless delivery of food, medicine, samples and more, ensuring safety of your COVID warriors.

Employee Safety

Position AMR for rescue purposes and for supporting you in enhancing employee safety

AMR are helping employers to put the health of their employees first & simplify proactive health measures, allowing them to focus on ensuring the welfare of employees and keeping operations going.

Safe Market Places

Safety has become the new loyalty for winning customer trust

Ensure safety of your customers & staff under the watch of AMR & let people walk down your premises without worry as safety is the new loyalty for winning customer trust.


Adapting the airport experience in turbulent times

Enhancing passenger safety & adapting safer experience in turbulent times, by putting AMR at guard & disinfect & sanitize all touch points autonomously.


Thermal guns face accuracy challenges & manual limitation, thermography robots are ideal for scanning not only individuals but large flow of people. These trained bots run on natural navigation & are equipped with thermal sensors to regularly scan each individual within premises & are connected with internal COVID-19 taskforce to alert vulnerabilities.

  • 360-degree coverage
  • Battery charging time : 2.5 hrs
  • Weight 250 Kg
  • UV wavelength 254 NM
  • LIDAR based Navigation

High-touch surfaces are a reservoir for infection, UV disinfection robots can easily & efficiently disinfect rooms, corridors, and other units in plants. The machines emit ultraviolet light & using LiDAR technology- scan the environment and navigate & operate completely autonomously. They can be remotely controlled.

The robot is safe, reliable & eliminates human error & operates only when people are not around, using its sensors to detect motion. It also ensures reaching all high touch surfaces, eliminating possibility of cross-contamination subject to human error.

Delivery robot are effective in contactless delivery & to automate and streamline order fulfillment, ensuring continuity and productivity even during a global pandemic.

Operating through an onboard computer/tablet, it has two stage obstacle sensors for flawless movement & advance analytics for asset utilization.

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