ePulse Solution Framework

A modular, digitalization production monitoring system that strengthens compliances improves quality throughout by providing shop floor transparency and controlled manufacturing activities.

ePulse addresses the existing operational challenges across the end to end pharma value chain through technology led continuous improvement and innovation.

Its different modules not only help to document every step in the production processes to be compliant with today’s ever more stringent regulatory mandates, but also its IoT technology component coupled with the use of advanced analytics is revolutionising how pharma manufacturing function.


Monitor shopfloor Pulse with ePulse

Digitizing Log Journey

Presenting Electronic Logbook, complying with 21 CFR Chapter 11 requirements, a simple yet controlled platform for all Pharmaceutical manufacturing to manage logbooks, digitally.

Complying with GMP guidelines, Electronic Logbook provides capability of defining flexible workflow, SOPs on areas or equipment and building validation control points and template builder to design templates. Intelligence in system alerts in case there is a deviation from laid procedures, thus ensures compliance and data integrity.

Being a digital platform, it eliminates use of paper logs and with available data from digital logbooks, it further provides analytical capabilities for operational efficiency improvements which cannot be achieved using manual logbooks.

Equipment Agnostic IoT

Utilization is a key parameter for calculating OEE, eOS captures single point of truth without directly integrating with the equipment. eOS is a nimble IoT component which feeds pulse of equipment on a real-time basis.

eOS, a non-invasive IoT component which can be attached to any equipment or a machine to get a pulse of machine running or idle status.

Idle / Off
Intelligent Manufacturing Monitoring System

iMMS is ERP/machine agnostic system providing capabilities of real time data acquisition & production monitoring. It integrates with available SCADA and PLC to acquire machine / equipment data on a real-time basis.

Acquired data provides real-time / anytime process sheets and also available as digital backup for future data archival. Data acquisition further empowers alert & event logs which can be proactively be used for required actions.

Data analytics provides insights on Batch Performance, Equipment OEE, Breakdown patterns and manpower utilization & efficiencies.

Smart Reporting - On demand report
Trend Analysis Dashboards, Run Time Analysis
Batch Performance (Overall Equipment Efficiency)
IoT Component Integration
Batch Efficiency (Internal Batch movement tracking)
Data Intelligence
Turning information into insights

ePulse not only converts value to data but also provides enablement to businesses to improve safety & risk management.

It enables business to increase production of batches, reduction in downtime and an improved OEE.

Data correlations provides insights on possible capacity release, route optimizations, quality / supervisor performance, manpower utilization and other multi-dimensional analysis.


Driving sustainable, enterprise-wide performance acceleration through secure digitalisation and compliance.
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