Data integration is pivotal to centralized and smart reporting. Data acquisition from various equipment and instruments without heavily investing in capex is challenging.

OEM Dependency
  • Legacy Machines - Many equipment and instruments are old but still serving the purpose but do have a capabilities on data integration.
  • Blocked Ports - Data communication ports for many equipment are blocked and handsome fee is charged for enabling these data communication ports.
  • Obsolete OS - Legacy equipment run on obsolete operating systems which are threat to cyber attacks in case integrated to network.
Compliance Risk
  • 21 CFR Part 11 - Non availability of desired audit logs, user access management, backup or change control leads to high vulnerability of observations during compliance audits.
  • Manual Recording - Risk of manual errors or data completeness during manual transaction recordings.

Our Approach

Our smart IoT components enable data acquisition from various machines without heavily investing in capex.

  • SCADA to DB: Competency on extracting data from SCADA to central system - direct mapping or reverse mapping.
  • PLC to DB: Data extraction by either mapping software or mapping all tags by reverse engineering.
  • Segregating production network from business network and building security gates for data porting.
  • Upgradation of PLCs to enable 21CFR where needed as an only option.
  • Deployment of IoT components for machine monitoring or data extraction.
Driving sustainable, enterprise-wide performance acceleration through secure digitalisation and compliance.
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