Electronic User Access Management (eUAM) system shall assist in providing paperless solution for managing user access for Computerized Systems supporting cGxP processes

iFulcrum, an agile user access management tool that allows seamless lifecycle management of a user across multiple applications. The system assists in providing paperless solution to manage user access for computerized systems, supporting cGxP processes, mitigating risk and ensuring 21CFR part 11 compliance.

The system is supported by a robust workflow and a fully integrated user access database, a single source of truth for multiple applications.

User Access Management process

Our Approach

  • Highly configurable tool for user lifecycle access management.
  • Intelligent anomaly detection.
  • Entry Gate for User Onboarding, Role Change and Exit.
  • Visibility across multiple organizational levels.
  • Maintaining application-level business process master data.
  • Configurable workflow-based approval process.
  • Dashboard for reporting & approval process status.
  • Automatic deactivation of user ID from configured satellite applications.
Driving sustainable, enterprise-wide performance acceleration through secure digitalisation and compliance.
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