In the era of digitalization, there is lot of data which is lying in horizontal silos or vertical layers of hierarchy and organizations are unable to gain the real power benefit of these data points due to Lack of Insights.

  • Converting into Financial Terms - Different skill set is required to configure and maintain different type of SCADAs thus results in adding manpower with lower utilization.
  • Lack of Manufacturing excellence insights - Different applications result in payout of multiple AMCs - resulting in higher post implementation support costs.
  • No Action Tracker - With no real time access, physical checks and monitoring is done to capture parameters and alarms - actions are reactive and can lead to stoppages.

Our Approach

SMHS's DPM provides increased transparency and 'single source of truth' for performance management through hierarchical and targeted dashboards for plant OEE, Manpower utilization, Batch Performance. Enabling prescriptive & predictive analytics.

  • Performance Linked Alerts: resulting in proactive instructions to improve performance with leading indicators.
  • Manual Triggered Alerts: resulting in actively alerting for high responsiveness within the process.
  • Periodic Alerts: Setup of rules on planned activities including maintenance, calibration and other tasks.
  • Holistic view across metrics through digitization of data pipeline:
    • Data source integration with equipment & utilities.
    • Connectivity IT layer.
    • Enabling comprehensive set of metrics.

Performance management through hierarchical and targeted dashboards:

  • CXO dashboard for overall performance metrics & benchmarking across sites and units.
  • Operator dashboards for machine monitoring.
  • Shift PD dashboards for proactive decision making and focused PD discussions.

Closed Loop Problem Solving: Providing timely insights on bottlenecks, root causes and improvement initiatives.

Driving sustainable, enterprise-wide performance acceleration through secure digitalisation and compliance.
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