For pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers, the use of steam, heating and air conditioning systems, water and other utilities are an important part of the manufacturing process. Efficient and reliable operations for these plant utilities is very important, as products that need to satisfy FDA regulatory requirements and pharmaceutical manufacturing standards, just like raw materials and other equipment used in the industry.

SMHS's Distributed Control & Data Management System (DCDMS) harmonizes and standardizes disparate SCADAs, enables real-time monitoring and management of physical assets dispersed over large areas, reduces AMC costs, and minimizes breakdowns through proactive alerts.

DCDMS standardizes disparate SCADAs

Diverse Systems

Often for utilities, standardization is not active which results in installing different type of SCADA to run these utilities.

Competency Mapping

Different skill set is required to configure and maintain different type of SCADAs thus results in adding manpower with lower utilization.

Loaded AMCs

Different applications result in payout of multiple AMCs - resulting in higher post implementation support costs.

Reactive Support

With no real time access, physical checks and monitoring is done to capture parameters and alarms - actions are reactive and can lead to stoppages.

Our Approach

  • Single platform to harmonize and standardize SCADAs.
  • Tag mappings and two way communication is established to capture parameters and control equipment : multiple protocols.
  • Central monitoring room is created to have real time visibility of all utilities and alarms.
  • Proactive thresholds defined for proactive actions.
Driving sustainable, enterprise-wide performance acceleration through secure digitalisation and compliance.
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